Squidward Tentacles crucifies Sandy Cheeks

Squidward Tentacles fucks Sandy CheeksEverybody knows girls’ attraction to tentacles. Those long, thick, powerful and sticky limbs can make any babe scream in pleasure, that’s why Squidward Tentacles is really popular around the seabed. His strong and experienced hands are able to please even the most demanding girl, like Sandy Cheeks. It’s she who’s melting in his arms today. While two thick tentacles of Squidward penetrate her pussy, squeezing all the juice out of it, his long and slim cock slides between her tits, sprinkling cum onto her lid. Sandy Cheeks is nothing but a helpless toy, bound in his lustful tentacles.

Sandy Cheeks prefers Squidward Tentacles to SpongeBob

sandy cheeks fucks Squidward TentaclesWomen are easily seduced, and a squirrel isn’t an exception. Lured by sweet words and attracted by a huge dick in Squidward Tentacles’ pants, Sandy Cheeks comes to meet him in the wastelands. It doesn’t take him long to convince her to take off her clothes, and the next moment hot Sandy Cheeks is bouncing on a huge boner of Squidward. She holds in the air leaning to his muscular body, while he pulls her hips impaling her deeper onto his hardened cock, keeping a straight face. No matter how SpongeBob suffers watching it: Sandy has made her choice of dick. For more toon stories visit Drawn Sex

Sandy Cheeks and SpongeBob spend romantic night together

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A small romance flaring up between Sandy Cheeks and her friend SpongeBob can’t lead to anything good, but at least they have this one night before their ways split up. Tender candle light, soft and warm bed and a blanket covering their naked bodies create the romantic atmosphere, while blush on Sandy’s cheeks ads a gentle touch. She hugs SpongeBob with her weak hands, caressing his flat and young body, while his hand is under the blanket, going down her furry body to stick between her legs. Both Sandy Cheeks and SpongeBob are hot and ready to fuck.