A sexy side of Sandy Cheeks

sexy sandy cheeksAnyone who is familiar with SpongeBob knows also Sandy Cheeks, a beautiful squirrel spending her time along with other heroes of the seabed. But nobody has ever seen her in all her glory, when she gets really horny and takes off her clothes. This bright and rare moment has got exposed on the picture of Sandy Cheeks posing in her shoes. Seductive body with flat belly, perky boobs and slender trotters looks awesome, covered with fur. Pink nipples of Sandy Cheeks are very accurate, while a small bush of ginger pubic hair stresses the beauty of her delicious pussy. For more toon sex stories visit Drawn Sex

Patrick Star and SpongeBob stuff Sandy Cheeks

Riding the huge cock of Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks swears in her love to SpongeBob, who’s standing and watching them with a strong erection. She even rubs her cock with her hand, unable to get off the enormous boner until Patrick is ready to cum. Once he gets close to orgasm and starts groaning, he pulls the squirrel’s legs toward his itching and almost insensible dick and powerfully cums deep inside of her cunt. Agitated Sandy Cheeks finally jumps off Patrick Star and bends to substitute her ass to SpongeBob, who’s eagerly stuffing her already filled cunt.

Nasty striptease by horny Sandy Cheeks

Watching this squirrel’s graceful movements was enough to get a hard-on, because she wears nothing but a small bra, hugging her big tight breasts and a small skirt, that can’t hide those white panties under it. Delightful Sandy Cheeks shows an exciting scene of striptease, slowly sitting on the seabed and undoing her bra lock on her back. As the small piece of lingerie gets stripped away by her hand, a great view of her round perky boobs gets exposed to the watchers. Seductive Sandy Cheeks knows how to turn boys on, lustfully smiling and giving an eye. For more toon sex stories visit Drawn Sex

SpongeBob screws mermaid Princess Mindy

Shoveling his hard dick into the tight asshole of a mermaid, SpongeBob tosses his pelvis towards the green fishtail of his girl. Princess Mindy is excited enough to leak with lubrication, but her mind is still occupied with nerdy thoughts. It doesn’t keep her big cucumber-like tits from bouncing, as SpongeBob’s frictions shake her body from her tail to her glasses. They’re fucking fish-style on the mat, and despite being distracted, Princess Mindy is clutching its edges tightly with her fists, feeling the huge boner of the yellow hero piercing and stretching her count. For more cartoon sex stories visit Drawn Sex

SpongeBob drills Sandy Cheeks’ pressure suit

There is no need to protect yourself if you’re fucking a pussy so sweet as Sandy Cheeks has between her spread buttocks. Horny SpongeBob has pulled his pants off and his hardened dick already bites into the malleable flesh of the squirrel, piercing her pressure suit. This huge yellow rod is so thick, that horny Sandy Cheeks nearly faints in pleasure, when it slides inside and out of her wet pussy. While her yellow friend is just extremely happy, pushing his itching rod deep into her leaking cunt, lustful Sandy patiently waits for him to cum inside her, grinning in anticipation. For more cartoon porn stories visit Drawn Sex



Sandy Cheeks helps SpongeBob to grow up

Invited by Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob comes to her place just to see this posh chick laying on the suntan chair in hot pink panties, with a slightly visible camel toe in it. He’s flabbergasted by her huge breasts with big and hard nipples sticking up, when the squirrel tells him to come closer. Suddenly SpongeBob realizes that something has grown up in his pants, confusing him with the strange itching feeling he has in his cock. Experienced slut Sandy Cheeks already knows how to soothe the itches, offering her spread pussy for her little friend, so he bangs her hard doggystyle.

Horny Mr. Krabs pumps Sandy Cheeks’ ass

Walking around the seabed in her pressure suit, cute squirrel Sandy Cheeks didn’t expect to bump into horny Plankton and his friends. As she realizes that her sexy body is the cause of a strong erection Mr. Krabs has, Sandy starts shivering and sweating. It doesn’t take those boys long to catch her and pull down her pants, uncovering the amazingly tight and sweet booty of the furry bitch. Huge red dick that the crab is shoveling into her pussy rubs the most sensitive spots of Sandy Cheeks’ pussy, making her groan for a great pleasure and satisfaction of evil Plankton.